Fair Trade Resources


After the Harvest: Fighting Hunger in the Coffeelands, 20 minutes, Optic Nerve Production, 2010 (Coffee; Latin America)

Beyond the Seal, 11 minutes, Beyond the Seal Production, 2016 (Bananas; Ecuador)

Birdsong and Coffee: A Wake Up Call, 56 minutes, Old Dog Documentaries, 2005 (Coffee; Costa Rica, United States)

Black Gold, 78 minutes, Marc James Francis & Nick Francis, 2006 (Coffee; Ethiopia, global)

Buyer Be Fair: The Promise of Product Certification, 55 minutes, John De Graaf, 2006 (Fair trade certification; global)

Coffee with the Taste of the Moon, 30 minutes, Organic Consumers Association, 2005 (Coffee; global)

Connected by Coffee, 70 minutes, Aaron Dennis and Chelsea Bay Dennis, 2014 (Coffee; Latin America)

The Dark Side of Chocolate, 47 minutes, Miki Mistrati & U. Roberto Romano, 2010 (Chocolate; Africa)

Dukale’s Dream, 70 minutes, Josh Rothstein, with Hugh Jackson, 2015 (Coffee; Ethiopia)

From Crop to Cup, 22 minutes, Lutheran World Relief, 2009 (Coffee; Latin America)

The People and the Olive, 70 minutes, Aaron Dennis, 2012 (Olives; Palestine)

The Price of Sugar, 90 minutes, Bill Haney, 2007 (Sugar; Caribbean)

A Thousand Fibers: Binding Together through Fair Trade, 33 minutes, H. Bruce Wilson and Partners for Just Trade, 2009 (Fair trade; United States, Peru)

The True Cost, 92 minutes, Andrew Morgan, 2015 (Clothing; global)

Classroom Lesson Plans, Activities, and Resources

 “The Clothes Line,” Oxfam (Lesson plan; late primary/middle school)

Educational Resources & Materials,” Heifer International (Lesson plans, classroom resources; primary/middle school)

Explore Fair Trade,” Oxfam (Lesson plans; middle/high school)

Farmers, Shoppers, and Businesses – Who Wins and Who Loses in the Fair Trade Market? Oxfam (Powerpoint; middle/high school)

Find Your Way Through Fair Trade,” Oxfam (Lesson plans; primary school)

Go Bananas!” Oxfam (Lesson plan; primary/middle school)

“Looking Beyond the Logo” Oxfam (Lesson plan; high school)

“Overview of Fair Trade in North America,” Fair Trade Resource Network (Powerpoint; All levels)

Pa Pa Paa: Teach About Fair Trade and Cocoa,” Comic Relief (Lesson plans and powerpoints; primary/middle/high school resources all available)

“Pro Arte Maya – Children’s Coloring,” Pro Arte Maya (Coloring sheets; primary school)

A Teacher’s Guide: Kids and Fair Trade,” Marilyn Anderson and Pro Arte Maya (Lesson plans; primary school)


Mine to Maker: The Journey To The World’s First Fairtrade African Gold – In Pictures,” Ian Berry, The Guardian, 2017

Eric St-Pierre is a Canadian-based professional photojournalist specializing in fair trade. He provided the photograph for the banner on this website. His work has taken him to over 15 nations (Mexico, Tanzania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Chili, Argentina, Ethiopia, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka and the Dominican Republic) where he has documented many different fair trade products and farmers (coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, cotton, rice, wine, quinoa, shea butter, nuts, guarana, arts and craft, spices, flowers and bananas). He has presented his photos in 4 major exhibits and published 3 books of photographs on fair trade. He is available for specific assignments on social and environmental issues, as well as photo documentaries on international aid and sustainable development.