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Raynolds, Bennett 2015 The Handbook of Research on Fair Trade (an edited volume)   Edward Elgar Publishing English Book Link
Coscione 2014 Comercio Justo y relevo generacional: la experiencia colombiana de la Asociación de Jóvenes Agricultores del Valle Personal Webpage Spanish Other Link
Coscione 2014 IN DEFENSE OF SMALL PRODUCERS. The Story of CLAC   Fernwood Publishing (CANADA) English Book Link
Huybrechts, Nicholls 2013 The Role of Legitimacy in Social Enterprise-Corporate Collaboration: The Case of Fair Trade Social Enterprise Journal 9 (2)   English Journal  
Howard, Jaffee 2013 Tensions Between Firm Size and Sustainability Goals: Fair Trade Coffee in the United States Sustainability 5 pp. 72-89   English Journal Link
Kamonsak Suradom, Wichitra Pholyiem, Kanit Chaloeyjanya, Ulrike Baumoel 2013 Developing Entrepreneur to Fairtrade System for Food Industry Group in Thailand China-USA Business Review 12 (1) : 89-98. TIIM 2012 English Journal  
Coscione 2013 Comercio Justo, retorno de las familias desplazadas y desarrollo rural INDEPAZ   Spanish Other Link
Brown 2013 Buying Into Fair Trade: Culture, Morality and Consumption New York University Press   English Book Link
Hudson, Hudson, Fridell 2013 Fair Trade, Sustainability, and Social Change     English Book Link
Sutton 2013 Fairtrade Governance and Producer Voices: Stronger or Silent? Social Enterprise Journal 9 (1)   English Journal Link
Doherty, Huybrechts 2013 Connecting producers and consumers through fair and sustainable value chains Social Enterprise Journal 9 (1)   English Journal  
Coscione 2013 Las Metas del Milenio y los Principios del Comercio Justo Revista Ágora 12 (1) : 167-182.   Spanish Journal Link
Coscione 2013 Cambios históricos en la governance del sistema de comercio justo certificado Fairtrade: los productores del Sur ganan voz y protagonismo Altramerica Spanish Other Link
McMurtry, Medalye, Reed 2013 Environmental, Ethical Trade, and Fair Trade Purchasing Policies: Some Challenges of Promoting Sustainability in Canadian Universities Social Accounting for Social Economy Organizations pp. 57-84 Laurie Mook, ed. Toronto: University of Toronto Press English Book section Link
Reed, Ananya Mukherjee Ree, J.J. McMurtry, Manjula Cherkil 2013 “Fair Trade Intermediaries and Social Accounting: The Case of Assisi Organics” Social Accounting for Social Economy Organizations pp. 189-229 in Laurie Mook, ed. Toronto: University of Toronto Press English Book section Link
Hudson, Hudson, Edgerton 2013 Political Consumerism in Context: An Experiment on Status and Information in Ethical Consumption Decisions American Journal of Economics and Sociology 72 (4) : 1009-1037.   English Journal Link
Coscione 2013 El Símbolo de Pequeños Productores o cuando el Sur repiensa el comercio justo El País   Spanish Other Link
Coscione 2013 Comercio justo y soberanía alimentaria, dos caras de la misma moneda El País   Spanish Other Link
Coscione 2013 Fairtrade apuesta por un comercio más justo con los productores del Sur El País   Spanish Other Link
Chavesta Paico Eilee 2013 Impacts of Fair Trade in the Association of Small Producers of Organic Banana of Saman and Annexes in the period 2007-2011 Thesis Centro Poblado de Samán, Sullan, Piura, Perú Spanish Dissert.  
Coscione 2013 Los desafíos del comercio justo latinoamericano: una aproximación a partir de la Declaración de Río de Janeiro Revista Global 54 pp. 80-88 Editorial Funglode, Santo Domingo, Rep. Dominicana Spanish Other Link
Coscione 2013 Los retos globales del comercio justo: democracia, productores y consumidores El País   Spanish Other Link
Coscione 2013 Un nuevo desafío para el comercio justo latinoamericano en el actual contexto colombiano Equidad & Desarrollo 20 pp. 51-70 Universidad de La Salle (Bogotá, Colombia) Spanish Journal Link
Coscione 2013 Agronegocios, comercio justo y cambio climático: los desafíos para los pequeños productores organizados Otra Economía 7 (13)   English Report Link
Kroon 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility in the banana sector in Peru     English Other Link
Reed 2012 Fairtrade International (FLO) Business Regulation and Non-state Actors: Whose Standards? Whose Development pp. 300-314 Oxford: Routledge. D. Reed, P. Utting and A. Mukherjee Reed (eds). English Book section Link
Jaffee 2012 Weak Coffee: Certification and Cooptation in the Fair Trade Movement Social Problems 59 (1) : 94-116.   English Journal Link
Makita 2012 Fair Trade Certification: The Case of Tea Plantation Workers in India Development Policy Review 30 (1) : 87-107.   English Journal Link
Sutton 2012 Chapter 9: Beyond Price: Fairtrade and Capacity Building. The Case of Cooperativa Naranjillo in Peru The Processes and Practices of Fair Trade Brigitte Granville, Janet Dine (eds); London, Routledge English Book section Link
Stenn 2012 Fair Trade and Justice: A Case Study of Fair Trade and its effect on the Freedom of Bolivia’s indigenous women. New England Council for Latin American Studies Conference Paper, presented at Yale University, November, 2012 English Report  
Huybrechts 2012 Fair Trade Organizations and Social Enterprise. Social Innovation through Hybrid Organization Models.   Routledge Studies in Management, Organizations and Society English Book Link
Makita 2012 Fair Trade and organic initiatives confronted with Bt cotton in Andhra Pradesh, India: A paradox Geoforum 43 (6) : 1232–1241.   English Journal Link
Raynolds 2012 Fair Trade: Social Regulation in Global Food Markets Journal of Rural Studies 28 (3) : 276-287.   English Journal  
Coscione 2012 L’America Latina riscrive il significato del commercio equo certificato Informazione Sostenibile italian language Other Other Link
Stenn 2012 Fair Trade and Justice: A Case Study of Fair Trade and its effect on the Freedom of Bolivia’s indigenous women. International Confederation of Associations for Pluralism in Economics (ICAPE)   English Journal Link
Coscione 2012 El Comercio Justo y el debate sobre el desarrollo rural El Leoncito pp. 14-16 numero de enero-abril 2012 Spanish Other Link
Coscione 2012 La CLAC y la defensa del pequeño productor Editorial Funglode editor: Fundacion Global Democracia y Desarrollo (Funglode) Spanish Book Link
Coscione 2012 Volver al sentido del Comercio Justo certificado Fairtrade: la Coordinadora Latinoamericana y del Caribe y su lucha en defensa del pequeño productor Observa-RD (9) : 37-40.   Spanish Other Link
Braunholz 2012 Where there is no label-fairdammt fairsiegelt-donde no hay sellos Contraste (summer juli/august 2012 german version) 334 (335) : 6.   English Report Link
Coscione 2012 América Latina reescribe el sentido del Comercio Justo certificado: un desafío para las ciencias sociales de la región Otra Economía 6 (11) : 133-140.   Spanish Journal Link
Coscione 2012 EL POTENCIAL “EN MOVIMIENTO” DEL COMERCIO JUSTO LATINOAMERICANO PPGS - Revista do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Sociologia da UFPE 1 (18)   Spanish Journal Link
Anderson 2012 ‘Fairtrade: Partners in Development? A reassessment of trading partnerships within the Fairtrade model’ The Processes and Practices of Fair Trade Brigitte Granville, Janet Dine (eds); London, Routledge English Book section Link
Weihe 2012 The Importance of Quilty in Cocoa Cooperatives     English Report Link
Wheeler 2012 Fair Trade and the Citizen-Consumer: Shopping for Justice Palgrave Macmillan   English Book Link
Wheeler 2012 The Practice of Fairtrade Support Sociology 46 (1) : 126-141.   English Journal Link
Wheeler 2012 ‘Change Today, Choose Fairtrade’: Fairtrade Fortnight and the Citizen-Consumer Cultural Studies 26 (4) : 492-515.   English Journal Link
Bennett 2012 A Short History of Fairtrade Certification Governance he Processes and Practices of Fair Trade: Trust, Ethics and Governance Eds. Janet Dine and Brigitte Granville. London: Routledge (2012). English Book section Link
Bennett 2012 Verifying Social Enterprises: Applying Lessons from the Fair Trade Movement Patterns of Social Entrepreneurship Research Eds. Jill Kickul and Sophie Bacq. London: Edward Elgar (2012) English Book section Link
Coscione 2011 Los pequeños productores dominicanos de café, cacao y banano de Comercio Justo Revista ObservaRD 2 (5)   Spanish Other Link
Stenn 2011 Comercio Justo and Justice: An examination of Fair Trade Conference Paper: Sixth Forum of the World Association for Political Economy, May 2011 pp. 20 Responses to Capitalist Crisis: Neoliberalism and Beyond, May 27 to May 29, 2011, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, USA English Other Link

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