Juan Ignacio Staricco

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Juan Ignacio Staricco

Copenhagen Business School


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PhD Fellow at the Department of Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School
Juan Ignacio Staricco's publications

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Staricco, Ponte 2015 Quality regimes in agro-food industries: A regulation theory reading of Fair Trade wine in Argentina Journal of Rural Studies 38 pp. 66-76   English Journal Link
Staricco 2015 Fair Trade and the Fetishization of Levinasian Ethics Journal of Business Ethics   English Journal Link
Staricco 2015 Towards a Fair Global Economic Regime? A critical assessment of Fair Trade through the examination of the Argentinean wine industry Phd Series 38 pp. 366   English Dissert. Link
Staricco 2016 Towards a fair agri-food regime? A regulationist reading of the Fairtrade system Revue de la RĂ©gulation 20   English Journal Link
Staricco 2017 Transforming or Reproducing Conventional Socioeconomic Relations? Introducing a Regulationist Framework for the Assessment of Fairtrade World Development 93 pp. 206-218   English Journal Link