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Mr. Theodore Frederick Weihe

Equal Exchange

United States

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I have 35 years in overseas cooperative development in over 50 countries in multiple cooperative fields: dairy, fruits & vegetables, cocoa, rural electrification and telecommunications, pre-paid child survival health plans and micro-insurance. I have written extensively on cooperative topics, available on my website. I headed the U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council as its founder and served on USAID's Advisory Committee (ACFVA) for 17 years. For the previous three years, I am the project manager for Equal Exchange's cocoa projects in the Dominican Republic, Peru and Ecuador. I am currently researching the role of cooperatives in fair trade, especially the importances of member equity.
Theodore Weihe's publications

authors year title journal or book other lang type link
Weihe 2005 Cooperative Fair Trade Coffee: The U.S. Experience     English Report Link
Weihe 2010 How Certifications Affect Cocoa Cooperatives     English Report Link
Weihe 2012 The Importance of Quilty in Cocoa Cooperatives     English Report Link
Weihe 2004 Cooperatives in Conflict and Failed States   Conference by State and Land Grant Universities and Researchers English Report Link
Weihe 2003 Analysis of U.S. Cooperative Development Experience: Case Studies   Evaluation for USAID's Cooperative Development Programs English Report Link
Weihe 2005 An Introduction to Fair Trade and Cooperatives: A Methodology   This research was carried out with my assistance with an intern, Kate Surber English Report Link

Expertise Keywords: fair trade cooperatives, cocoa cooperatives

Primary Expertise - Fair Trade Consulting
Cooperative Development
Countries of expertise
Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador
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Focus is on strengthening cooperatives as member owned and controlled group businesses with member equity, a critical and lacking element in nearly all fair trade cooperatives.
Secondary Expertise - Fair Trade promotion/coordination (non profit)
Role / Function
Project Manager
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Equal Exchange and TCHO sponsored project for improved quality, productivity and capitalization of cocoa cooperatives in Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Peru.