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Varul 2008 Consuming the Campesino: Fairtrade Marketing between Recognition and Romantic Commodification Cultural Studies 22 (5)   English Journal Link
Varul 2008 Ethical Selving in Cultural Context: Fairtrade Consumption as an Everyday Ethical Practice in the UK and Germany   Paper presented at the 3rd Fair Trade International Symposium 14th-16th May 2008, Montpellier, France English Report Link
Varul 2008 Fair Trade Consumerism as an Everyday Ethical Practice - A Comparative Perspective: Results and Policy Implications   Final report on ESRC funded research project English Report Link
Varul 2009 Ethical Consumption: The Case of Fair Trade Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, SH 49 Wirtschaftssoziologie pp. 366-385   English Journal Link
Varul 2009 Ethical Selving in Cultural Contexts: Fairtrade Consumption as an Everyday Ethical Practice in the UK and in Germany International Journal of Consumer Studies 33 (2) : 183-189.   English Journal Link
Varul 2009 fairtrade: internationalism by supermarket unfinished blog and e-IR opinion piece English Other Link
Jaffee, Candace Archer, Coscione, Varangis, Johnson, Reed, Edwards, Valkila, Varul, Doppler 2009     English Report  
Varul 2011   Presentation at the Research Workshop “Emerging Issues in Uncertainty and Ethical Consumption”, 13th June 2011, University of Glasgow English Other Link
Varul 2016 Cultural Sociology of Ethical Consumption Handbook of Cultural Sociology D. Inglis et al. (eds), London: SAGE English Book section Link