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Dr Martin Kunz

FairDeal Trading

United Kingdom

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Co founder of world shop in Ludwigsburg Germany 1997.
First chairman of board of directors of gepa (Germany) 1989.
First general secretary of TransFair International (TFI) 1992.
First executive secretary of FairTrade Labelling Organization (FLO) International.
Co-chair criteria committee Oekovision (Ethical Investment Fund).
Fair Trade criteria work in particular with tea, sports balls, rubber, and a host of other 'non traditional' products like gold, gems, stainless steel, ...
Martin Kunz's publications

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Kunz 1987 Dritte Welt Laeden. Einordnung und Ueberpruefung eines entwicklungspolitischen Bildungsmodells.     Other Dissert. Link
Kunz 1999 Fair Trade. How does it relate to other attempts to improve working conditions in the Global Economy     English Other Link
Kunz 1999     Other Other Link